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Adult Grooming Program

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SHADOW Equestian

Adult Grooming Program

Although we have had disabled adults grooming at SHADOW Equestrian since 2003, it was not until the spring of 2008, through a grant from Salem Health & Wellness Foundation, that a formalized program was developed.

The pilot program is run April-June and September-October
(three 6-week sessions) with disabled adults from Salem County ARC.  Four adults are paired with a SHADOW volunteer and one of our therapy horses.

Update: although the grant from Salem Health & Wellness Foundation has been completed, SHADOW Equestrian has added Bancroft Neurohealth (Mullica Hill) and PAFACOM (Vineland) participants to our program.

The program has many purposes:

Increasing muscle strength and balance- by learning how to brush a horse, shoulder, arm, wrist and finger muscles are used.  The reaching and stretching in a rhythmical pattern increases tone and stamina.  Balance is increased as each adult learns to move around the horse and brush at the same time.

Self Esteem- learning and mastering jobs, such as haltering and leading your own therapy horse, choosing the proper brushes and tools, and completing a task builds self esteem and confidence.  Following a pattern while leading our miniature horses, earns cheers from their peers and our volunteers as well.

Independence- skills such as cleaning your horse’s hooves, brushing the mane, tail, and body, cleaning saddles and equipment, and being responsible for your own tools can be transferred into caring for your own needs.  We have found a wonderful bond forms when each adult realizes the importance of taking care of an animal.  Conquering a fear builds independence and confidence.

For more information on this program, contact Kay Drissel
at 856-694-4034


Kay E. Drissel (President), 1907 Monroeville Rd. Monroeville, NJ 08343Phone: (856) 694-4034     Email: shadoweq@verizon.net